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Afghanistan, a country at war and in conflict for the last two decades, still suffers from direct and indirect damage in both the social and economic aspects. The loss of physical infrastructure has been extensive, yet remains less a concern in terms of its rehabilitation, than the loss of human resources owing to the mass migration of intellectuals and professionals from the country.

This loss has been so drastic and significant that long‐term efforts to gain at least the pre‐conflict's potential in terms of professional human resources are needed. With a very limited number of professionally educated Afghans  the  burden  of  rehabilitation  of  this  war  torn  country   is constrained to the commitment of the international community and small organizations set‐up by educated Afghan nationals who need support. Hence, to fulfill our responsibility as educated professionals of this country our organization (SHCC) was established and registered with the Islamic Transitional Govt of Afghanistan and AISA by a team of Civil Engineering specialists and engineers. Our team has relevant practical field experience working with NGOs, INGOs, UN and US Corp of Engineers designing and reconstruction projects all over Afghanistan. From the west region to the eastern provinces, and from the northern districts to the southern frontier.

SHCC Construction and Logistic Group is Your best reliable choice for your organization and to serve Afghanistan.

Our competent team of professionals and modern  equipment is our confidence in achieving highest customer satisfactions when implementing any construction/deconstruction projects. And we have proved ourself as an effective and potential partner in helping to achieve common humanitarian and infrastructure objectives in Afghanistan.       

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