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Synonyms for Proof: Services

Operations and Maintenance

Contract#: W5KA4N-10-C-0114

Contract Value: $ 2,221,081.85

Place of Performance: CAMP ZAFAR Herat, Afghanistan

North ECP Construction

Contract#: W5KA4N-11-C-0094
Contract Value: $ 1,063,413.73
Place of Performance: Shindand AB, Herat, Afghanistan

Construction of Shindand Hospital

Contract#: W5KA4N-11-C-0150
Contract Value: $ 952,492.72
Place of Performance: Shindand AB, Herat, Afghanistan

Herat Regional Training Center Ranges Rock Wall construction

Contract#: W5KA4N-11-C-0053
Contract Value: $ 731,178.00
Place of Performance: CAMP STONE, Herat, Afghanistan

Camp Zafar DFAC Services

Contract#: W5KA4N-11-P-0048
Contract Value: $ 715,493.00
Place of Performance: Camp Zafar, Herat, Afghanistan

Construction of Adraskan ANCOP NTC Classrooms

Contract#: W5KA4N-11-C-0064
Contract Value: $ 502,118.53
Place of Performance: Adraskan, Herat, Afghanistan

Construct Life and Mission Support

Contract#: W91B4M-08-C-7312
Contract Value: $ 492,395.00
Place of Performance: FOB Leimbach, Bala Baluk ,Badghes,  Afghanistan

O&M Services

Contract#: W5KA4N-11-P-0089
Contract Value: $ 443,767.70
Place of Performance: CAMP ZAFAR, Herat, Afghanistan

Providing NTV and SUV with Maintenance and Services

Contract#: W5KA4N-11-P-0057
Contract Value: $ 357,305.00
Place of Performance: Shindand AB, Herat, Afghanistan.

COP Pana and COP Jaghato Consolidated Services

Contract#: W90YVD-10-P-1030
Contract Value: $ 333,990.00
Place of Performance: Jaghato and Pana, Wardak, Afghanistan

Force Protection Upgrades

Contract#: W56SGK-15-C-8005
Contract Value: $ 297,435.00
Place of Performance: Camp Phoenix, Kabul, Afghanistan

Afghan Attorney General

Contract#: W56SGK-15-C-8004
Contract Value: $ 274,335.00
Place of Performance: Crimes Prosecutor's Compound, Kabul , Afghanistan

O&M Services

Contract#: W5KA4N-12-P-0067
Contract Value: $ 269,715.00
Place of Performance: CAMP ZAFAR, Herat, Afghanistan

25mm BMG Gravel

Contract#: W5KAN 10-P-0051
Contract Value: $ 258,500.00
Place of Performance: FOB Todd, Bala Murghab, Badghis , Afghanistan

Potable Water Delivery

Contract#: W56KJD-15-P-0148
Contract Value: $ 234,681.00
Place of Performance: HKIA, Kabul, Afghanistan

Electrical Installation Camp Zafar

Contract#: W5KA4N-10-C-0015
Contract Value: $ 217,500.00
Place of Performance: Camp Zafar, Herat Afghanistan

South ECP Access Road

Contract#: W5KA4N-12-C-0014
Contract Value: $ 199,268.00
Place of Performance: Shindand AB, Herat, Afghanistan

Ammunition Supply Point (ASP)

Contract#: W5KA4N-12-C-0066
Contract Value: $ 188,785.61
Place of Performance: Regional Logistics Center (RLC) of the Afghanistan National Police (ANP) in Herat, Afghanistan

Russian Village Water Distro System Repair

Contract#: W56SGK-13-P-7048
Contract Value: $ 172,966.00
Place of Performance: WEST SHINDAND, Shindand AB, Afghanistan

Electrical Distribution and Transformer

Contract#: W5KA4N-12-C-0015
Contract Value: $ 155,764.60
Place of Performance: 4th Zone, New Adobe-Built Barracks, Herat Afghanistan

Cold Refuel Point

Contract#: W5KA4N-11-C-0142
Contract Value: $ 143,375.00
Place of Performance: Shindand AB, Herat Afghanistan

NTV Lease for CSC, Camp Stone

Contract#: CMC 1112-013
Contract Value: $ 135,600.00
Place of Performance: Camp Stone, Herat, AFGHANISTAN

125kW Generators

Contract#: W5KA4N-11-P-0032
Contract Value: $ 97,191.00
Place of Performance: Shindand AB, Herat Afghanistan

Camp Zafar RMTC Concrete Pad

Contract#: W5KA4N-11-C-0084
Contract Value: $ 62,395.00
Place of Performance: Camp Zafar, Herat, Afghanistan

UAE Demo and Environmental Restoration Project

Contract#: W91B4N-15-C-8004
Contract Value: $ 58,650.00
Place of Performance: Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan

50K Generators

Contract#: W5KA4N-11-P-0026
Contract Value: $ 32,600.00
Place of Performance: RST-W MOQUR ANA CIAB BAGHDIS, Afghanistan

Various Contracts

Contract Value: 70,000.00

Various Contracts

Contract Value: $ 59,000.00

Various contracts

Contract Value: $ 40,650.00

Various contracts

Contract Value: $ 40,000.00

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